At Craftsman Technology, we prototype and manufacture new products for inventors, enterpreneurs, startups and large companies,  which are widely used for consumer electronics, medical device, aviation,aerospace, toy, electrical, home lighting and other industry. Our main service: rapid prototyping, CNC machining, 3D printing, low-volume production. We won the trust from global customer with our service of high accuracy, high efficiency, low-cost and spirit of innovation and constantly perfecting our skill.
Here’re the benefits of rapid prototyping for new product design.

1. Inspection of appearance design
2. Inspection of structural design 
3. Avoiding the risk of direct die opening 
4 .Making the product come out much earlier, it’s not only visual, but also touchable. It can intuitively reflect the designer's creativity in the form of physical objects, avoiding "good-looking in drawing but no good-looking in making it.


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