Plastic Injection moulding,  is a method of both injection and moulding. The advantages of injection moulding method are fast production speed, high efficiency, automation of operation, variety of designs, simplicity of shapes, size of products, accuracy of product size, easy updating of products, and forming of complex parts. Injection moulding is suitable for mass production and prototype of complex products. 

At a certain temperature, the fully melted plastic material is stirred by screw, injected into the die cavity by high pressure, and then cooled and cured to obtain the method of forming products. This method is suitable for batch production of complex parts and is one of the important rapid prototyping manufacturing.

Nowadays, the trend of processing technology is developing towards high and new technology. These technologies include micro injection, high fill compound injection, water assisted injection molding, mixed use of various special injection molding processes, foam injection molding, mold technology, simulation technology and so on.

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