3D printing service
At Craftsman Technology, We offer a wide range of material for metal 3D printing, the commonly used materials are nylon glass fiber, durable nylon material, gypsum material, aluminum material, titanium alloy, stainless steel, silver plating, gold plating and rubber materials.

What is 3D printing
3D printing (Three-dimensional printing ) is one of rapid prototyping technology. It is a technology based on digital model files, using bindable materials such as powder metal or plastic to construct objects by printing layer by layer.

Advantages of 3D printing
1.Save material. It does not need to eliminate the edges and corners, which improves the utilization rate of materials and reduces the cost by abandoning the production line.
2.It can achieve high precision and high complexity, and can produce very complex parts which can not be manufactured by traditional methods.  
3.without the need of traditional tools, fixtures, machine tools or any die, the three-dimensional CAD graphics of any shape of the computer can be directly generated into physical products, which can shorten the product development cycle and save cost. 

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