Will the choice of cutting fluid affect the work of CNC machining?

The choice of cutting fluid must take into account the comprehensive factors such as the machining center itself, cutting tools, processing technology and so on. Before choosing the cutting fluid according to the processing method and the required precision, we should have a clear understanding of the types, differences and uses of the cutting fluid. We know that even if the same machining center equipment, in processing different types of workpieces, will face different processing environment and processing conditions, which requires specific analysis of our specific problems.

For example, water-based cutting fluids should be selected in processing environments that emphasize fire prevention and safety. When choosing water-based cutting fluid, the discharge of waste liquid should be considered. Therefore, the processing workshop should have the corresponding facilities for waste liquid treatment. Water-based solutions are widely used. Most of the characteristic processes, such as grinding, can only use water-based cutting fluid.

Oil-based cutting fluids are generally considered for cutting with cemented carbide tools. Some high-time cutting requirements require the use of oil-based cutting fluids, rather than water-based cutting fluids, in order to avoid affecting the performance of machine tools. Through the specific analysis of different types of processing, we can determine whether to choose oil-based cutting fluid or water-based cutting fluid. After determining the main items of cutting fluid, the choice can be made according to the processing method, the requirements of processing accuracy, surface roughness and other items and the characteristics of cutting fluid.

There are many kinds of cutting fluids, and the corresponding quality is also good or bad. Matters needing attention in water-based cutting fluid and oil-based cutting fluid:

1.Oil-based cutting fluid should avoid potential fire hazards.
2.Avoid using oil-based cutting fluid in high speed and large feed cutting process.
3.Considering the process of the former and the latter processes, the occasion requiring the use of water-based cutting fluid is required.
4.It is hoped that the pollution and dirt around machine tools caused by oil splash and oil mist and diffusion surface can be alleviated so as to keep the operating environment clean.
5.Considering the price, the general water-based cutting fluid can meet the requirements for cutting some easy-to-process materials and workpieces with low surface quality requirements, and can greatly reduce the cost of cutting fluid.

Cutting fluid is an indispensable part of lubrication and cooling in the operation of CNC machining. Before processing, it is necessary to carefully check the allowance and quality to avoid reducing unnecessary processing losses.


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