What preparations should be made before CNC machining?

1. Operators must be familiar with the performance, processing range and accuracy of CNC machine tools according to the instructions,and master the functions and operation methods of CNC machine and their CNC devices or computer parts.

2. Check whether the switches, knobs and handles are in the correct position;
3. The electric part of starting control should be preheated according to the regulations.
4. Start the CNC machine to make it run empty, and check the sensitivity of switches, buttons, knobs and handles and whether the lubrication system is normal.
5. Familiar with the processing procedure and programming origin of the processed workpiece.
6. Before operation, wear all kinds of labor insurance articles, carry out lubrication maintenance according to the requirements, and check the oil level of each lubricant.
7. When clamping the workpiece, it should be placed lightly to prevent collision and bumping into the worktable; when the workpiece is heavy, it should also verify the bearing capacity of the machine tool worktable and not allow overloading operation.
8. After the machine tool is started, check the movement of the spindle, all directions of the worktable and whether the pressure indicator is normal, whether there is abnormal noise, etc.
9. Processing procedures should be checked before they can run. Tool matching should be confirmed when using high-speed functions.
10. In the process of processing, we should always pay attention to whether the movement and working state of the machine tool are normal. When we encounter abnormal noise and alarm, we should stop the machine immediately to check and deal with it. After troubleshooting, we can continue processing.
11. When there are too many iron scraps in the chip removal trough, the scrap removal device should be opened after manual cleaning.
12. New machine tool operators should be familiar with machine tool performance, operation methods and matters needing attention before they can operate on the machine under the guidance of relevant personnel.
13. After the workpiece is processed, it is necessary to clean the worktable, clean and lubricate the machine tools, clean the surrounding hygiene and keep the site clean.
14. Before turning off the main power supply of machine tools, the control system must be shut down. No emergency shutdown switch is used in non-emergency situations.
15. Before leaving work every day, we should fill in the operation records of machine tools and do a good job of handover.

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