What is the difference between Aluminum vacuum die casting and ordinary die casting?

Aluminum alloy die-casting is a casting process for forming a high-temperature molten aluminum alloy metal liquid and high-pressure high-speed injection molding of a human mold cavity. This casting method is characterized by precise molding and high production efficiency.

However, the conventional die-casting process has defects. The gas in the mold cavity cannot be effectively removed due to high-speed shot, and remains inside the casting to form pore defects, which deteriorates the mechanical properties of the casting. In order to solve this problem, a vacuuming method is adopted, that is, the gas in the cavity is extracted during die-casting to form a certain vacuum or negative pressure state, thereby reducing the pore defects inside the casting, which is Vacuum Die Casting.

For a long time, in order to broaden the application range of die-casting parts and improve the mechanical properties of die-casting parts, some new die-casting methods, such as laminar filling method (ultra-low speed die casting method), oxygenation die casting method and vacuum die casting method, have been studied. The main purpose of the above method is to reduce the gas-filling phenomenon during the filling of the molten metal, thereby improving the mechanical properties of the casting.
                                                   Vacuum Die Casting
Due to the low production efficiency of the laminar flow filling method, the oxygenation die casting method has many disadvantages such as complicated operation steps and difficult control of process parameters, so the two methods are not applied in actual production. The vacuum die casting method extracts the gas in the cavity, and the molten metal fills the cavity under vacuum, so that less gas is entrained and the mechanical properties of the casting are improved.

And the vacuum die casting is the same as the ordinary die casting method, and the operation is convenient, and the production efficiency is not lowered. Therefore, the vacuum die casting method has shown strong vitality since its appearance. With the development of related technologies, its application will become more and more extensive.

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