What is cast aluminum?

You may have heard cast aluminum before. But do you know which this type of metal alloy really is made from?  we will take a look at cast aluminum alloy, explaining exactly what it is, why it is used it’s application.  

It is a kind of technology that the pure aluminium or aluminium alloy ingot is prepared according to the standard composition proportion, then it is transformed into aluminium alloy liquid or melting state by manual heating, and then poured into the cavity by professional die or corresponding technology, and then cooled to form the required shape of aluminium parts.

This material is often used to make car parts, such as torque converter stator, stator plate thrust washer, radiator water tank and many other important parts for vehicle operation. The ship is also equipped with parts made of cast aluminium.

In addition, it is used to create people's daily necessities. Even furniture can be made of this special metal! Cookers are usually made of cast aluminium because they are very strong and also have courtyard furniture. It is a special type of metal alloy, which must be cast before being used. This is a process of increasing the durability and strength of materials. There are several different casting methods, including sand casting, die casting and mould casting. Die casting is usually the most popular casting method.

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