What are the advantages of 3d printing prototype service?

Now the technological capabilities are constantly developing, the technology and equipment have been greatly improved, and the emerging 3D printing processing industries have become more and more. 3D printing processing and 3D printing processing services can make many things simple, let Let's summarize the advantages of 3d printing prototype service?

1. There is no additional cost for making messy items. For traditional production, the more chaotic the shape of the object, the higher the production cost. For 3D printers, creating chaotic items without adding extra costs will break the traditional form of pricing, which will change the way we calculate production costs.

2. Product diversification will not increase costs, because 3D printers can print many shapes, while traditional manufacturing equipment has fewer functions, and shapes and types are limited. 3D printing saves the cost of training mechanics or purchasing new equipment. The 3D printer only needs a different digital blueprint and a new batch of raw materials.

3. No assembly is required. Three-dimensional printing can integrate parts. Traditional production is generally based on assembly lines. Machines produce the same parts and then let robots or workers assemble them. The more components a product has, the higher the time and cost required to assemble it. 3D printers can print at the same time by layering without assembly. Eliminating assembly shortens the supply chain, thereby saving related labor and transportation costs. Generally speaking, the shorter the supply chain, the less pollution it will have.

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