There are several types of Vacuum die casting technology?

Die casting is a very commonly used casting process. In recent years, there have been some new changes. The main change is the semi-solid die casting technology. This semi-solid die casting technology also includes two types of rheological die casting and thixotropic die casting. .

The rheological technology has basically achieved more results, for example, based on the theory of low superheat pulping rheological die casting, and the development of low superheat inclined plate casting, low superheat casting and weak mechanical stirring type three New rheological technology in this way.

Thixotropy generally requires two ingots to be heated to a semi-solid temperature. It can be said that the method of preparing the slurry by heating for the first time can generally adopt a solid-state method or a liquid-phase method. The solid phase method is to pre-deform the ingot first, then heat it to a certain temperature to recrystallize it, and finally heat the billet to a temperature between the two phase lines, and obtain a non-dendritic semi-solid slurry after holding for a certain time. The second heating method includes electromagnetic induction heating, resistance furnace and salt bath furnace heating.
Vacuum die casting
Vacuum die casting technology, vacuum die casting method mainly includes quenching exhaust groove method and vacuum valve method. The quenching exhaust tank method is generally used because the equipment is simple, so it is more commonly used, but the vacuum valve method can efficiently discharge the air and prevent the metal liquid from flowing into the vacuum system. The high Vacuum die casting technology is based on the vacuum technology A new type of die casting technology developed on the Internet.

Oxygenated die-casting technology. Oxygenated die-casting is generally a more common technique to eliminate the pores inside the casting. Most of the gas in the die-casting machine is nitrogen and hydrogen, which does not affect the mechanical properties and processing performance. It can also pre-treat and weld the casting.

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