Surface treatment process of prototype

After years of accumulation, our opponent's  prototype has been processed with a very rich and comprehensive process, including manual processing, painting (light, matt, metal paint, rubber paint, pearl paint, etc.), silk screen, sandblasting, polishing, electroplating ( Vacuum plating, water plating), bronzing, etc.

Manual processing: grinding, assembling, and forming the finished product into a finished product.

Spraypaint: spray color according to customers' requirements. Our company is a dust-free fuel injection room, and the oil is also the best.

Silk-screen: Printing or patterning on a sample of a hand.

Pad printing: Printing or patterning on the uneven surface of the hand.

Laser engrave (laserengrave): In order to transmit light, two layers of paint will be sprayed on a transparent piece, and one layer will be removed to reveal a layer. 

Plating: In order to make the product more conspicuous, the product color of the silver-plated product must be very smooth and free of impurities, and then immersed in the syrup (with water plating and vacuum plating) and out.

Carvedmud: For toy dolls, the appearance is not regular, and can't be machined by machine, so it is hand-carved with a piece of clay. 

Relief: Lay a layer of sludge on a board and then sculpt the desired shape. It looks like a three-dimensional one, like a real thing. 
Lathe: processing small parts. Milling machine: Milling CNC can not be processed to or need to modify the sample. 
Sandblasting: There are a lot of residual plastic on the sample that the computer has pulled out. Usually handed to the grinding machine for processing, then manually processed.

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