Shenzhen Craftsman Technology Co., Ltd. Team Develops Outdoor Activities

On June 25, in order to enhance the cohesion of Shenzhen Craftsman Technology Co., Ltd. and strengthen internal communication, a day of outdoor team development training was carried out. This outward bound training has left a deep impression on me. The knowledge and experience gained are also very rich. To sum up, there are the following points: 

1. Clear responsibility is extremely important. After each person's post and responsibilities are determined, it is beneficial to clarify the responsibilities and give full play to the individual's subjective initiative, so that they not only know what they should do, but also think about how to do it well. In a team, when performing a task, only one voice is heard.           

 2. To do things, we should first make plans and then carry out actions. This is the principle of "grinding knives and not chopping firewood by mistake". When we have done a power grid project, we are not in a hurry to cross the network, but everyone finds their own position, fully demonstrates, and passes at the last resort.            

3. We should learn to think differently when we encounter problems. In the work, you need patience and wisdom, through analysis, judgment, communication and communication, in order to establish a win-win situation.            

4. We also get lessons and Inspirations from the failure: in the work, the units need to communicate and share information, need to cooperate and coordinate with each other, and form the integration of forces in order to complete the common task.            

5. As a leader, we should see differences, accommodate differences, coordinate differences, make use of differences, learn from each other's strengths and weaknesses, and create a perfect team in the differences. This is a kind of spirit that I understand from the teacher's explanation.            

6. Knowledge and skills are only tangible capital, while will and spirit are invisible forces. Outward bound training is the development of those forces that have been latent in the body, but never really used by themselves.            

7. A wise "leader": When a team is running, it must have an effective leader, formulate the goals of the team, choose feasible methods, encourage and guide everyone, and give full play to the energy of each team member.           

8. Team relationships must be harmonious: trust and encouragement are much easier to form a strong team spirit and achieve team goals than criticism and criticism. The centripetal force and cohesion must come from the conscious inner force of team members and from the values of consensus.     

I believe that after this activity, all employees of Shenzhen Craftsman Technology Co., Ltd will be more cohesive, with the craftsmen spirit of excellence and constantly surpassing, to bring customers much more perfect products(rapid prototyping,CNC machining,low volume production) and services.

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