Relation between Die Casting Die and Castings

Die casting is a method of obtaining casting by filling die cavity with high speed and solidifying rapidly under pressure with liquid or semi-liquid metal under high pressure. The die is called die-casting die.

Die casting die plays an important role in the production process of die casting.

(1) The accuracy of determining the shape and size of castings;

(2) The filling condition of molten metal is determined by the established gate system (especially gate position).

(3) The established discharge system affects the filling conditions of molten metals;

The strength of the die limits the maximum specific pressure of injection.

_Affect the efficiency of operation;

_Control and adjust the heat balance of die casting process;

_The quality of castings when they are taken out (such as deformation, etc.);

The quality of the surface of the die not only affects the quality of the casting, but also affects the coating spraying period, and also affects the difficulty of removing the casting. 

It can be seen that the shape and accuracy of castings, surface requirements and internal quality, and the smooth degree of production operation are often directly related to the design quality and manufacturing quality of die casting dies. More importantly, after the die is designed and manufactured, the degree of modification is not large, and the relationship between the above functions and the quality of castings is relatively fixed. This is why the design and manufacture of die must be based on the requirements of die casting process. 

Therefore, to a certain extent, there is a special relationship between die-casting die and die-casting process, production operation, which is very close, restrictive and influential to each other. Among them, the design of die casting die is essentially a comprehensive reflection of the various factors that may occur in the production process. Therefore, in the process of design, only to analyze the casting structure, familiarize with the operation process, understand the possible degree of process parameters, master the filling conditions under different conditions and take into account the impact of economic effects, etc. can design a casting mold that’s reasonable, practical and able to meet the production requirements of the pressure.  

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