Problems to be paid attention to in selecting CNC tools for CNC machining

1. Production nature. Here the production property refers to the batch size of parts, mainly considering the influence of machining cost on the selection of CNC tools. For example, it may be cost-effective to use special tools in mass production, while it is more suitable to select standard tools in single piece or small batch production.

2. The influence of the NC machine tool used to complete the process on the selected NC tool type. Under the condition that the rigidity of workpiece system and tool system is good, it is allowed to use high productivity tools, such as high-speed cutting tools and high feed turning tools.CNC machining

3. Surface roughness. The surface roughness affects the structure shape and cutting parameters of the tool. For example, when rough milling, the coarse tooth milling cutter can be used, while the fine tooth milling cutter is the best choice.

4. Numerical control processing scheme. Different types of cutters can be used in different NC machining schemes. For example, drilling and reaming can be used for hole processing, and drilling and boring tools can also be used for processing.

5. Dimension and shape of workpiece. The size and shape of the workpiece also affect the selection of tool type and specification, for example, special surface should be machined with special tools.

6. Machining accuracy. The machining accuracy affects the type and structure of finishing tools. For example, the final machining of holes can be done by drilling, reaming, reaming or boring tools according to the accuracy of holes.


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