Plastic injection moulding service

Injection moulding, also known as injection and moulding, is a method of both injection and moulding, which is commonly used in mass production.

The five elements of injection molding are pressure, back pressure, temperature, time, holding pressure and time.

The advantages of injection moulding method are fast production speed, high efficiency, automation of operation, variety of designs, simplicity of shapes, size of products, accuracy of product size, easy updating of products, forming complex parts, injection moulding is suitable for mass production and complex shape products, etc. Forming processing field.

Advantages of injection moulding:
1. Complex shapes and details can be formed.
2. Excellent surface finish.
3. Good dimensional accuracy.
4. High productivity.
5.. Low labor cost.
6. Waste can be recycled.

Shortcomings of injection moulding:
1. Limited to thin-walled parts.
2. High cost of tools and equipment.
3.. Long delivery time is possible.

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