Milling Service

Milling refers to the use of rotating multi-edged cutting tools to cut work pieces, It's a way of forming by subtracting material, a common used and highly efficient machining method. When the tool rotates, the work piece moves, and the work piece can also be fixed, but the rotating tool must also move (both the main motion and the feed motion are completed at the same time). Milling machine tools are horizontal or vertical milling machine, there are also large gantry milling machine. Cutting with a rotating milling cutter as a tool. Milling is usually carried out on a milling machine or boring machine. It is suitable for processing plane, groove and various shaped surfaces, such as flower milling. Milling keys, gears and threads) and special shapes of dies, etc.

Milling is also often used as a secondary process to add or refine parts

(1) The cutter teeth of the milling cutter participate in intermittent cutting periodically.

(2) The cutting thickness of each cutter tooth varies during the cutting process.

(3) The feed of each tooth is alpha f (millimeter/tooth), which represents the relative displacement of the work piece in the time when the milling cutter rotates one tooth.

Processing object

(1) Planar Parts

The characteristics of planar parts are that they can be parallel to, perpendicular to, or angular with the horizontal surface. Most of the parts processed on NC milling machine belong to planar parts. Planar parts are the simplest type of parts in NC milling process, and generally only need to be used. Two-axis or three-axis linkage of three-coordinate NC milling machine can be processed. In the process of machining, the machined surface contacts with the cutter face. End milling cutter or nose knife can be used in rough and finish machining.

(2) Surface parts

The characteristic of curved surface parts is that the machined surface is a space surface. In the process of machining, the machined surface and the milling cutter are always in point contact. Ball end milling cutter is often used in surface finishing.

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