Machining process of bumper prototype

Generally, when developing new products, enterprises will choose to do a prototype to verify, mainly to verify whether the design of the product is reasonable. In the automotive industry, every year, automobile manufacturers will develop new models, such as automobile companies develop a new bumper product, after the completion of the design of drawings to do a bumper prototype to verify.

1.Programming: Programmers analyze 3D drawings and write program language to control CNC machining centers.

2.CNC processing: let the CNC processing equipment work according to the path set by the program, remove the superfluous areas on the material, and get the prototype of the product.

3.Manual treatment: After CNC processing products, the surface will have many knife marks, burrs, need to be polished by sanded paper.

4.Assembly: Data detection of assembly problems, it requires trial assembly before surface treatment.

5.Fuel injection: According to the color requirements provided by customers, spray the corresponding color.

6.Shipment: After the QC department checks that there is no problem, it can be packaged and shipped.


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