How to realize dry cutting in CNC machining?

In CNC high-speed dry cutting, due to the lack of lubrication, cooling and chip removal of cutting fluid in the cutting process, the following problems will arise accordingly:

Due to the lack of lubrication of cutting fluid, the cutting force in high-speed dry cutting will increase greatly, and the vibration between tool and workpiece will intensify, which will lead to worse surface quality, faster tool wear and shorter tool life.

Due to the lack of cooling effect of cutting fluid, high-speed dry cutting will produce a lot of heat at the moment of processing. These heat mainly concentrated in chips, which will affect the formation of chips. Overheated high-temperature environment will lead to the formation of banded and tangled chips and winding on the tool, which will affect subsequent cutting and aggravate tool wear. If the heat is not discharged from the main structure of the machine tool in time, it will also cause serious thermal deformation of the machine tool, affect the processing accuracy and reduce the surface quality of the workpiece.

In high-speed dry cutting of some materials (such as graphite electrodes, etc.), a large amount of dust will be produced. If it can not be removed in time, it will seriously damage the health of workers. At the same time, fine particles will also invade key parts of machine tools such as lead screw and bearing, which will increase the wear and tear of machine tools and affect the accuracy and stability of machine tools.

Because the cutting process of high-speed dry cutting is different from that of high-speed wet cutting, in order to make the machine tool finish the cutting process stably, it is necessary to modify and adjust the cutting parameters selected in the original high-speed wet cutting to apply to high-speed dry cutting.

In order to solve the above problems and achieve the same (or even higher) processing quality and tool durability as high-speed wet cutting in the prescribed time, the whole process system including machine tools, tools, workpieces and cutting parameters must be comprehensively considered and balanced, and corresponding process measures should be taken to make up deficiency for high-speed dry cutting.

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