How to make a New Product

1. Write your ideas on paper

The first step in turning your idea into reality is to write it on paper. Your ideas are fully displayed on paper. Of course, you may have a lot of ideas, or you may revise them over and over again, but it doesn't matter. You can quickly draw these pictures on paper.
A special notebook record may be used when filing a patent. If you need to protect your ownership of intellectual property, it will come in handy.

2. Digital Virtual Model

If you are not good at it, the job can be solved by a professional engineer. Turn drawings into AutoCAD (two-dimensional or three-dimensional).

3. Make a prototype
With two-dimensional or three-dimensional drawings, you can begin to make rapid prototyping. You may find defects and correct them constantly. You may need to prototype many components to complete a complete prototype. In the process of continuous improvement, you are getting closer to the perfect product - the product favored by consumers.

4. Search for manufacturer
With a physical prototype, you can apply for a patent for appearance or function on your new product, or you can start preparations for sales. The main task of this period is testing and production. Manufacturers who provide small batch production and 3D printing can help you reduce costs. Shenzhen Craftsman Technology offers 3D printing service and small-batch production, which can save your cost and time.


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