How to improve the efficiency of CNC machining

Many people don't know much about CNC machining. What is CNC machining? What is the structure of a machining center?

The CNC machining center is actually fixed for a single column, and the worktable is generally moved by a bed, an upright, a horizontal slide, a table, a spindle, a screw, a linear guide, a lubrication system, a cooling system, a CNC operation panel, and an electronic control. System and so on.

CNC machining is also called CNC machining, which generally refers to machining with CNC tools. CNC machining is controlled by computer after programming. Therefore, CNC machining generally has the advantages of stable machining quality, high machining accuracy, high repeat accuracy, complex surface shapes, and high machining efficiency. So how can we improve the efficiency of CNC machining?

What causes the problem of low CNC machining efficiency?
On the whole, the factors affecting CNC machining efficiency are six major factors: equipment failure, production management, process technology, CNC tools, personnel skills, and product structure. So what are the specific reasons for the product structure affecting machining efficiency?

So how to improve the efficiency of CNC machining? Generally, the methods to improve the machining efficiency of CNC machine tools are:
Transform your understanding of CNC technology. NC technology is a comprehensive technology. In addition to CNC machine tools, it must also have the corresponding supporting technology and personnel support, especially in the CNC machining process, people play a decisive role. Management personnel, engineering technicians, engineering maintenance personnel and The technical ability of the operating personnel will affect the production efficiency of CNC machine tools.

Develop effective tool management measures, such as pre-adjusting the tools to reduce the installation and adjustment time of the tools on the machine tool, and manage the tools through the management system to reduce errors caused by manual management.
Management of fixtures, since the choice of fixtures is directly related to the installation time and measurement time of the workpiece, management of fixtures should be implemented.

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