How to divide the CNC machining process?

(1) The process can be divided according to the clamping and positioning mode of parts: each part has different structure and shape, and the technical requirements of each surface are different, so the positioning mode is different during processing, so the process can be divided according to the different positioning mode;CNC machining

(2) Process division by rough and finish machining: when the process is divided according to the processing accuracy, rigidity, deformation and other factors of parts, the process can be divided according to the principle of separating rough and finish machining, i.e. rough machining first and then finish machining, at this time, different machine tools or different cutters can be used for machining;

3) The working procedure is divided according to the tool used: in order to reduce the tool change time, compress the idle time and reduce the unnecessary positioning error, the parts can be processed according to the method of centralized working procedure of the tool, that is, in one clamping, the parts that can be processed can be processed with one tool as much as possible, and then other parts can be processed with another tool;


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