How to choose horizontal milling machine and vertical milling machine?

Horizontal milling machine and vertical milling machine are commonly used in our production and processing.

The essential difference between vertical milling machine and horizontal milling machine is that the position of the spindle is different. Horizontal spindle is horizontally arranged and vertical spindle is vertically arranged. Besides the arrangement of the spindle, their processing range is different. Horizontal multi-purpose disc milling cutter can be supported with auxiliary support, and its stiffness is relatively better.

The milling cutter used in vertical milling machine is relatively flexible and has a wide application range. End milling cutter, machine clamp cutter head, drill bit, etc. can be used. It can milling keyway, milling plane, boring hole, etc. Horizontal milling machine can also use all kinds of above cutters, but not as convenient as end milling, mainly can use hangers to enhance the strength of cutters (mainly three-sided edge milling cutters, flake milling cutters, etc.). Milling grooves, milling planes, cutting, etc.

Horizontal milling machines usually have end milling heads. Although the function and rigidity of this end milling head are not as strong as that of vertical milling machines, it is enough to cope with end milling. This makes the overall function of horizontal milling machine stronger than that of vertical milling machine. Vertical milling machine does not have this characteristic and can not process workpieces suitable for horizontal milling. The productivity is higher than that of horizontal milling machine. Vertical milling machine is a general purpose metal cutting machine. The spindle taper hole of the machine tool can be installed with various cylindrical milling cutters, forming milling cutters, end milling cutters, angle milling cutters directly or through accessories.

Horizontal milling machines are mostly used for gears. Slot, spline. Cutting, etc. Vertical milling machine is mostly used in plane processing, and the plane has high and low curved geometry.

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