HIPS-New filament for 3D printing

How about a situation where you want to print a prototype, one where painting or gluing will be involved?

ABS and PLA filaments have been used in 3D printing for a long time. People have been searching other types of filaments, such as Laywood, Nylon or HIPS filament.

HIPS is extruded from High Impact Polystyrene, It has bright natural white appearance ,and considered to be safe to humans and animals.It is a flexible product widely used because of its strength, hygiene, and ability to retain heat.
So it can be used to provide the necessary support that these overhanging areas require. The printer first lays down HIPS under where the overhang will be and then lays the selected printing material down on top of the layer of HIPS. The HIPS supports the overhanging material and prevents the warping, deformation and collapse that would occur without the support.
Once the printing is complete and the object cooled, remove the HIPS by submerging the object in Limonene. After 24 hours, the Limonene will have dissolved the HIPS leaving you with a print job that has clean, crisp angles, corners and overhangs.
We can say, if you’re looking for material of easy printing and as hard as ABS for 3D printing, HIPS would be your best choice.

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