Features of CNC milling

In addition to the features of ordinary milling machine, CNC milling has the following features:

1. The parts have strong adaptability and flexibility, and can process parts with particularly complex contour or difficult to control size, such as mold parts, shell parts, etc;

2. Process parts that cannot be processed or are difficult to be processed by ordinary machine tools, such as complex curve parts described by mathematical models and 3D space curved surface parts;

3. Can process parts that needs to be processed in multiple processes after one clamping and positioning;

4. The machining accuracy is high and the machining quality is stable and reliable. The pulse equivalent of the numerical control device is generally 0.001M m, and the high-precision numerical control system can reach 0.1 μ M. in addition, the numerical control machining also avoids the operator's operation error;
CNC milling
5. High degree of production automation can reduce the labor cost. It is conductive to the automation of production management;

6. The production efficiency is high. Generally, the CNC milling machine does not need to use special process equipment such as special clamps. When replacing workpieces, it only needs to call the processing program, clamping tool and adjust the tool data stored in the CNC device, thus greatly reducing the production cycle. Secondly, CNC milling machine has the functions of milling machine, boring machine and drilling machine, which makes the process highly centralized and greatly improves the production efficiency. In addition, the spindle speed and feed speed of CNC milling machine are stepless, so it is beneficial to choose the best cutting parameters;

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