Cutting and Feed Quantity in CNC Machining

We know that cutting is the most important way of working in a CNC machining center. In the cutting operation of the CNC machining, the cutting speed directly affects the cutting efficiency. If the cutting speed is too slow, the cutting time will be longer, and the tool can not play its role. If the cutting speed is too fast, although cutting time can be shortened, the tool is prone to generate high heat, which affects the tool life. So ensuring cutting speed is the most important thing in our work.

1. Pay attention to the matching degree of tool material and workpiece material
The maximum allowable cutting speed varies with the tool material. High-temperature resistance and cutting speed of high-speed steel tools, carbide tools and ceramic tools are different. If the tool has a long service life, a lower cutting speed should be adopted accordingly.

2. Cutting depth and feed
The cutting depth is directly proportional to the feed rate and cutting resistance. Cutting depth and feed amount are large, cutting resistance is also large. If the cutting process has strict requirements on temperature, then the cutting speed should be reduced in the face of the heat increase in the cutting process.

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