Application of Direct Metal Laser Sintering Technology

Laser can be used to bond high melting point metals to ceramics. Compared with other rapid prototyping technologies, laser sintered parts have many advantages, such as good performance, fast fabrication speed, diversified materials and low cost. Laser sintering has been gradually recognized as the standard of next generation rapid manufacturing technology in Europe, America and Japan.

Since the early 1990s, laser sintering has become a successful tool for product development. As a technical solution of rapid prototyping design concept, based on three-dimensional CAD data, it can get fully functional prototypes, moulds or models in a few days, which can help greatly reduce the time to market. The improvement of this technology and the increase of related knowledge have expanded its scope of application in many ways. Up to now, laser sintering has become the key technology of electronic manufacturing. It directly produces fast, flexible and cost-effective products from CAD files.

Shenzhen craftsman technology applied direct metal laser sintering technology (DMLS) to rapid prototype and economic small batch production of  innovative and complex steering system of construction vehicles in April. The joystick assembly line includes plastic components and other electronic devices, mechanical devices and switches.

Technical requirements include: high reliability in harsh construction site, high precision of plastic parts required for complex geometric devices, and short development period required for participation in exhibitions.

Praise was received from customer that we had reduced the precious time of development of their product.

Laser sintering for electronic manufacturing has become a viable option in many different industries. It should be emphasized that this technology is not only feasible in rapid prototyping, but also feasible in a series of production of various complex products. In those areas where metal or plastic can be produced by laser sintering technology, by avoiding the consumption of time and cost caused by tool processing, laser sintering can help the target products to rapidly occupy the market and improve the competitive advantage.

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