Adjustment Content of Die Casting Die

After the die-casting die is made, it is necessary to adjust the test die and select the correct die-casting conditions and process parameters so as to achieve stable die-casting and produce qualified castings.

Before the die test, the die tester should check the alloy raw materials for die casting in advance, understand the characteristics of the alloy materials and die casting characteristics, and also understand the structure of the die, the performance of the die casting machine, die casting conditions, die casting process and operation methods.

Correct selection of die casting forming conditions is the key to adjust the test die. Often encountered such problems, even if the design and manufacture of the die are very correct, but due to improper selection of die casting conditions, the same can not press qualified castings. On the contrary, in some cases, the defects of the die can be overcome by adjusting the forming conditions of die casting, and qualified castings can be extruded. For this reason, the die tester must be familiar with the function and relationship of various die casting forming conditions and the principle of die operation, so as to correctly select and rationally adjust the various die casting forming conditions.

The adjustments of die casting forming conditions include material melting temperature, die temperature and melt temperature during injection, injection pressure, clamping force and opening force of die casting machine, and injection ratio and injection speed required according to the condition of the parts. Finally, the condition of die-casting products should be repaired before perfect die-casting parts can be obtained.

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