Plastic Injection molding services from Shenzhen Craftsman Technology.

Raw material for plastic moulding

If you need plastic molding for your new project, no matter it’s prototyping or volume production, choose from our two molding options according to your actual needs.

Injection molding can provide a range of parts  —from as few as 10pcs  to more than 10 million. We're a low-volume manufacturer, typically producing 10 to 10,000+ parts from plastic molds. We provide two injection molding service options. One is best suited for those who need smaller quantities often associated with prototyping and the other a good fit for those who require larger part quantities common in large-volume production.
Injection molding
injection molding 
25 parts to 10,000+ parts

Shipped in 5 to 15 working days

Prototyping or Volume Manufacturing?
While the molds themselves are similar, part quantities, lifetime, quality and prices vary depending on which service option is chosen. The right one depends on your project needs.

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