Generation and Development of CNC machine tools

Generation of CNC machine tools

The world's first successfully developed CNC machine tool is a three coordinate CNC milling machine, which was completed in 1952 by Parsons and MIT. In 1948, the United States put forward the initial idea of developing a numerical control machine tool when it was developing a machining machine tool to process the sample for helicopter blade contour inspection. In 1949, with the support of the U.S.

Air Force Department, Parsons company officially accepted the entrustment to cooperate with the Massachusetts Institute of technology servo organization laboratory, and began to engage in the research and development of CNC machine tools. After three years of research, the first experimental prototype of CNC machine tool in the world was successfully trial produced in 1952. This is a real line interpolation three coordinate continuous control milling machine based on pulse multiplier principle.
CNC machine tools
Its control device is composed of more than 2000 electronic tubes, which occupies the size of an ordinary laboratory. The birth of this CNC milling machine marks the beginning of the digital control era of mechanical manufacturing.

The emergence and development of CNC machine tools

With the rapid development of social production and science and technology, mechanical products are becoming more and more sophisticated and require frequent modification, especially in the fields of aerospace, shipbuilding, military and other mechanical parts, which require high precision, complex shape and small batch. It is necessary to modify or adjust the equipment frequently to process such products. Ordinary machine tools or highly specialized automatic machine tools can no longer meet these requirements.

In order to solve the above problems, a new type of machine tool - CNC machine tool came into being. The new machine tool has the advantages of strong adaptability, high processing accuracy, stable processing quality and high production efficiency. It is the development direction of numerical control machine tool in the future. It is a comprehensive application of electronic computer, automatic control, servo drive, precision measurement and new mechanical structure.


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